Nyame Blondel is a young entrepreneur who values his freedom. He got a taste of business ownership through his parents, grandparents, and uncle at a very young age and played a huge role in each of the relatives businesses.

 He experienced the ups and downs that businesses go through and witnessed the fall of his granma's and uncle's businesses and also had to muscle through 2 big complete business failures with his parents. 

All these events did was make young Nyame thirsty for more wisdom and knowledge about why the failures happened and exactly what makes businesses thrive. By the age of 25, he got lucky and was gifted an audiobook by Jim Rohn called "The Day That Turns Your Life Around"

Ironically enough it was the day that turned his life around. Even more ironic, he was the same age as Jim Rohn was in his story he told about the event that turned his life around. Nyame looked at this as one big  synchronicity and allowed it to be his driving force to a better life.

After learning about life and business through his seeking , it had become obvious why the businesses of his relatives had failed. They were operating from the mindset of "build it and the will come". Most of the planning that went into the businesses were more superficial and less strategic.

There was no marketing plan! 

The philosophy was LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. While location is very relevant when comes to mom's and pop's, brick and mortar businesses, there are many other things to consider.

Nyame learned first hand that one of the biggest things to consider when going into business is your WHY.  One of the biggest mistakes that his relatives made was building a new job for themselves as apposed to building a real business .. The entire point of going into business is to free yourself from the rat race.

He learned that it is impossible to do that when you don't know where your last customer came from and where the next one will come from. This created tons of stress for both his parents and the friction alone was enough to collapse the business and put a huge amount of strain on their relationship.

The reason that most people go into business, weather consciously or unconsciously is for FREEDOM. 
Financial, time, location FREEDOM!

The only way to create that kind of freedom is by building a money machine that works for you night and day. 

If you'd like to have a money machine that will give you the life most people will only ever dream of having

Nyame Blondel Founder Of askblondel.com
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